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Are you searching for solutions to manage your chronic pain so you can get back to functioning and living the life you love? We help put you back into the driver’s seat to take control of managing your relationship with pain.

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Are you a health care provider or clinician seeking to help your clients manage chronic pain? Partner with us to help your clients overcome ambivalent behaviors and guide them towards taking an active role in their own pain management process.

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Are you searching for solutions to escape the grip of chronic pain?

Take Courage Coaching® is a health and wellness company, and training school focused on the science and skills of managing chronic pain and health and wellness coaching. With a growing team of experienced, board-certified practitioners, we deliver a proven, collaborative form of treatment delivered telephonically.

Our client-centered approach works towards developing a nonjudgmental partnership focused on the client’s strengths and solutions rather than weaknesses and barriers. Coaching is built on trust, rapport, and confidential support of the client.

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I’m a communications professional with years of experience in planning, organizing and anticipating situational outcomes. But these capabilities did little to help my life of chronic pain, which was chaotic, unpredictable and much less manageable.

I joined Take Courage Coaching as a client who felt broken and hopeless, and graduated a year later with a renewed lease on life—having just completed my first 5K run. The biggest incentive in my self-management toolbox was learning how neuroplasticity makes it possible for me to adapt and retrain my brain.

– Alice, Take Courage Coaching® graduate

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Taking this course opened my eyes to a completely new way of communication with Motivational Interviewing. This in itself has significantly changed how I think about coaching. I also found the buddy coaching and recorded coaching sessions very useful for practicing the skills we learned. The instructors are very knowledgeable and embody the skills they taught us.

– Matt, TCCU Health and Wellness Coach Training student

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I am a Physical Therapist who has assembled a comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation program in Bozeman, Montana. I partner with Take Courage Coaching on patients who can benefit from additional education and support, and notes that the TCC program “has offered these patients an excellent educational and supportive service to help them move to a higher level of function.

– Gary Lusin, Physical Therapist

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I love helping people, so when I was injured doing search and rescue, I felt useless. For 8 years I suffered with severe pain, plus depression and anxiety that grew progressively worse. My case worker learned about a pain management program she was sure could help me. I was skeptical. A soft-spoken southern woman introduced herself as my coach. One of my first exercises was visualizing my life not dominated by pain; and I had to dig deep to imagine a good night’s sleep, see myself enjoying the mountains again, and picture my contributions to family and community.

I started talking with my coach about the things I love, and her support motivated me to do something with each of them over the next few months. Before long, I was exercising, sleeping better, started socializing again and planned a camping trip with my wife. Even with pain, life is good!

– William, Take Courage Coaching® program graduate

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This program has been one of the best I have seen. I worked at a social work college before TCCU and they also taught coaching ad motivational interviewing. TCCU walks you through it and then trains you to use the program better than any I have seen yet. I felt completely prepared for my NBHWC test and knew exactly what to expect.

– Bobbie, TCCU Student

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