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Coach — CPMC

Amanda’s childhood training as a dancer led to knee and shoulder injuries. Add that to a fibromyalgia diagnosis at age 19, and she spent 15 years on pain medications. After an accident that left her with a brain injury, Amanda’s doctor challenged her to recover from the injury and surgery without the use of narcotics and provided contact information for Take Courage Coaching.® Along the way she has obtained her BA in business with emphasis in marketing and advertising and an MBA with a focus on human resources. She has mentored children and teens coming out of juvenile detention and worked as a service provider for people with disabilities. She’s looking forward to working with TCC clients who are experiencing much of what she has. Amanda’s favorite pain-management strategies include jogging (to keep her joints and muscles moving), music—as a means to share emotions, and creative writing, which she considers a valuable outlet and a way of sharing feelings that may help readers know they aren’t alone. She is grateful to live in Montana with her husband, 5 beautiful children, and 4 playful dogs—where she advocates for adoptions, dangers of drinking and driving, and helps others weather their storms. Her full life also includes camping, hiking, blogging, giving presentations on traumatic brain injury, and learning to play the guitar.