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Book Review: Explain Pain

What if a lesson on brain science could revolutionize the way you manage pain?  This is exactly what David Butler and Lorimer Moseley aim to do in their transformative book titled, “Explain Pain.”  The authors use zany drawings, brilliant metaphors, and humor to introduce concepts that may shift your entire paradigm on what pain is and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

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Book Review: Forgive for Good

Tired of renting space in your head to past grievances? Fred Luskin, Ph.D. offers a roadmap to implementing forgiveness as part of your journey to a more peaceful life.

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Book Review: Back in Control

“The extent of the pain you feel depends on the number of neurons firing in your brain.” So says David Hanscom M.D. in “Back in Control”, the book that is touted as “a surgeons roadmap out of chronic pain.”

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