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Becky Curtis

Founder & CEO — CPMC NBC-HWC


When Becky developed excruciating nerve pain after a spinal cord injury in 2005, she discovered the secrets to manage pain were only secret because an effective system for implementing patient compliance to science-based modalities had yet to be utilized.

Knowing from personal experience that coaching was the best approach to moving people forward, Becky founded Take Courage Coaching® to provide this much needed resource to those with chronic pain.  She understands how the latest in brain science relates to pain, and translates this knowledge into terms the average person can understand and use.  The results are transformative.

To extend her coaching reach, Becky has assembled a vibrant team of specially-trained coaches—healthcare professionals who have gained proficiency in teaching and coaching, many who live successfully with chronic pain. Becky travels extensively to speak about the role of coaching in pain management and has been a regular speaker at PAINWeek®, in addition to coaching and managing TCC’s program.  She lives in Utah with her husband and dog, Quigley.

*Take Courage Coaching® CertifiedPain Management Coach