Breathing a bit easier

How to Do Diaphragmatic Breathing:  To begin, sit with your feet flat on the floor or lie on your back.  Place one hand on your high chest and the other over your rib area (above the abdomen). As you breathe deeply, your upper chest should be still.  You will feel your entire torso (rib cage and abdomen) expand as you fully inflate the lungs. Now exhale completely, pushing the air out with the abdominal muscles.  As you exhale—relax your face, shoulders, neck, chest, back and anything else that is tense.

This will become easier with practice, until you automatically engage the diaphragm—not just while sitting or lying down.  Try deep breathing several times per hour until it becomes a natural part of your life. Most people see improvements right away and don’t need 6 months. You will begin to feel less stress and tension.  You now have a secret weapon to use against pain flares, too—anywhere, anytime you need it!

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