Here We Grow… Introducing a fresh new look!

Yvonne Guibert, marketing consultant, takes some time to chat with Becky Curtis about updating Take Courage Coaching’s company logo. During the interview, Yvonne asks Becky why she decided to change the logo, what it means to her, and a few other changes on the way.

TCC Logo

Yvonne: Why did you decide to change your logo at this time?

Becky: We started the business in August 2009 and have been so busy developing our business model that we haven’t spent much time on marketing. When you came on board to help us with our marketing, you brought to my attention pretty early on, that if we wanted our logo to stand out we would need clear, easy to read lettering. I was resistant at first because I love our original logo, but with your gentle nudging, we started the process of changing our logo to be more in step with the evolution of our business.

Yvonne:  What does the new logo represent to you?

Becky: I have loved our logo for over 10 years, but I came to realize it was time for a change. The new logo uses the same leaves as our original logo, I like that very much. The subtle rearrangement and addition of new leaves represent new growth. Our business is growing, so it seems very fitting. This is what we all need when we start a new process and that is what our business is all about…helping people move through the often difficult process of “letting go” of traditional mindsets in order to grow. The blue and green colors are very soothing and calming, something those of us living with chronic pain need on a regular basis, things and visual cues to help us remain calm.

Yvonne: Tell us about the process of changing your logo. Was it an easy decision? 

Becky: I feel like the process should have been easy, but it was really difficult to know which direction to go. I really struggled with it and at times became very resistant and frustrated. I am the kind of person that knows what I like when I see it but I have a hard time describing it. I’m sure I drove you and Emily, our graphic designer, crazy during the process. However, you were both very patient with me which I am very grateful for!

Yvonne:  How do you feel about your new logo?

Becky: I love the new logo! I love how it incorporates the history of our business, elements of our “roots,” yet it is also new, fresh, and bold. I am very happy with the result.

Yvonne: What do you want people to know about your new logo and look?

Becky: We have many new things coming later this year to Take Courage Coaching that will impact both our coaches and our clients, existing and new. This new logo and our new website represent clarity, a new grand vision, and a bold new journey.

Yvonne: So, you mentioned some new things are coming. What other changes can we expect from Take Courage Coaching in the near future? 

Becky: We have many changes coming soon including a new website, a new way of doing business with the coaches we currently work with, and a huge publication on health coaching. We also have several really big new partnerships that we are excited about. Things are going in a really positive direction and I am so excited to share them with you, our clients, and our coaches in the coming months.

Yvonne: Reflecting on this process, what advice do you have for other business owners who might be facing change, or struggling with change, in order to move forward with their decision-making process? 

Becky: First, recognize that change is hard. Especially if you are changing something that you have had a certain way, or have come to love for a period of time. Letting go of that thing and moving on is really hard. Second, when you solicit feedback from friends, family, and colleagues, recognize that you will get many different opinions. Take those opinions into consideration, but know that ultimately the decision is yours to make, and you must make decisions based on what you feel is best for you and/or your business. It has to resonate with you. Third, listen to your gut. If you are really struggling with something, there is a reason for it. Ask yourself questions, be curious and inquisitive about why you are struggling. Allow yourself enough time and space for the right answer or solution to emerge. It typically does, but the time it takes will be different for each individual and situation. Sometimes you just need to allow yourself time to change your perspective.

About the Author: Becky Curtis

After a horrific car accident nearly took her life and her own long and complex recovery journey, Becky has assembled a vibrant team of specially-trained coaches—healthcare professionals who have gained proficiency in teaching and coaching, many who live successfully with chronic pain. Becky travels extensively to speak about the role of health coaching in pain management and has been a regular speaker at PAINWeek®, and many other conferences, in addition to coaching and managing TCC’s program. She lives in Utah with her husband and dog, Quigley.

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