TCCU Book Review: Tiny Habits

Book Review By Kendy Anderson, Director TCCU and pain coach

TCCU Book Review: Tiny Habits | The small changes that change everything

Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything, December 31, 2019 by BJ Fogg, Ph.D. (Author)

Are you looking to change a habit? “Creating positive change isn’t as hard as you think….if you have the right approach.” Says author BJ Fogg.  He gives, in detail, his approach for both creating good habits and breaking bad habits. Keep reading for my full TCCU Book Review: Tiny Habits

I really liked this book on habit change for a number of reasons. First off, he gives a lot of attention to all possible variables in his plans for habit formation. By using years of research in working with people he has created a system to walk you thru the process. 

Tiny Small Habit Changes That Change Everything book in the TCCU book review

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Second, I liked his hat tip to Motivational Interviewing. He says “Consider Motivational interview, a counseling method that helps clients get clear on their motivations. This is one of the few traditional approaches I find worthwhile. People who experience motivational interviewing can better understand their reasons for doing, or not doing a behavior.” Bravo! 

Small Changes That Change Everything

Third, I liked that he spent time talking about the false idea that if we just give people the right information, they will change their thinking and their behavior. As someone who works with people weekly thru the change process, I wholeheartedly agree.  

Fourthly, I really liked his focus on maximizing successes and starting small. Here are a few quotes – 

  • “The only consistent, sustainable way to grow big is to start small.” 

  • “Feeling successful helps us wire in hew habits, and it motivates us to do more.” 

  • “Celebration is habit fertilizer.” 

  • “Celebrate your tiny successes. This one small shift in your life can have a massive impact even when you feel there is no way up or out of your situation.” 

In conclusion, what I found insightful was his attention to the role emotions play in habit formation, and how that impacts changing or creating habits. He says that if emotion is tied to a new habit it can happen in no time at all. That is, not 21 days, not 30 days, not 60 days, but immediately!

With this in mind, if you are looking to either make or break a habit, I highly recommend this book to be your roadmap. 

The author has a marvelous little website check it out here. There is a certification program which is also linked to a personal favorite author and brilliant doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Want a copy of this book for yourself? Grab one at Amazon here.

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About the Author: Kendy Anderson

Kendy lives in northern California with her husband and daughters. The mother of six children—some grown, twin daughters still at home—and a grandmother to five, she raises poultry, enjoys scrapbooking, sewing and gardening, and loves to read. She lives with several pain-producing conditions but hates to miss out because of pain, so she loves coping strategies—choices she makes daily that have her back to “doing life,” rather than being a spectator or withdrawing completely. After being coached for her own pain, she made the decision to take coach training. As a TCC®U- and Nationally-certified coach, she helps clients learn pain management skills and return to happy and productive lives. She wholeheartedly believes it is possible to change your perception about pain.

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