10 Easy Ways to Be Kind

Today is World Kindness Day! We shouldn’t need a reason to be kind, but if you’d like to learn about the health benefits of being kind to others, read Kindness Health Facts. We hope you enjoy our blog post: 10 Easy Ways to Be Kind.

Read 10 Easy Ways to Be Kind

Like many things, kindness is similar to a muscle. The more you practice kindness, the stronger the impulse becomes to do it more often. Why? Because it feels good. The less you do it, the weaker the impulse becomes.

Of course, patience and our ability to be kind are tested daily, perhaps now more than ever, as we move through this never-ending pandemic. Remember to be kind to yourself. You are human and are apt to fall short some days. All you can do is try your best, and know that some days it is easier than others. When you do fall short, give yourself a break.

On days when you are feeling tested, try meditation. Even if you just stop to do some deep breathing for a few minutes. Deep breaths help you slow down, regulate your heartbeat, and lower your stress and anxiety levels. Then you’ll be in good shape to pass along some good vibes to someone else — it’s an act of kindness!

Aesop Quote for 10 Easy Ways to be Kind

One of our favorite kindness quotes from Aesop

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Be Kind:

  1. Smile deliberately and often.
  2. Listen with curiosity during a conversation.
  3. Send a letter or card to a friend or loved one, or perhaps someone you just met.
  4. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
  5. Give a genuine compliment.
  6. Allow someone to move into your lane when driving.
  7. Meditate on compassion for others: “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be safe, may you live with ease.” Do this for loved ones, friends, coworkers, and even people with whom you have a difficult relationship. Need some guidance? Read 3 Meditations that Cultivate Compassion
  8. Speak with positive intentions.
  9. Help a friend or neighbor in need (run errands, watch kids or pets, bring a meal)
  10. Give a heartfelt, meaningful small gift to someone: a book, flowers from your garden, something from your kitchen, whatever you think the person will truly enjoy.

Let’s all work towards bringing more kindness into the world.

In conclusion, kindness is really easy. It certainly can’t hurt anyone. Best of all, kindness is free. All you need to do is make the conscious effort to be kind more often.

Remember…Kindness is a choice. How do YOU show kindness every day? We’d love to hear your tips if you’d like to share. We hope you enjoyed reading 10 Easy Ways to Be Kind.

Need some inspiration? Watch Drew Barrymore and Sesame Street’s Big Bird as they talk about kindness and read kind tweets! Also, check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. There you will find all sorts of fun resources for educators and lots of great stuff to help make spreading kindness easy.

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