A Health and Wellness Coaching Course to Launch You into Your Career

Many prospective students come to us to ask us what to look for when looking for a great health and wellness course for launching their career. After all the quality of your education impacts the success of your career. Here are five things that you should look for when you are searching for a  health and wellness, or pain management course.

Accreditation from a national board

Accreditation lends insight into the standards a Health and Wellness coaching school is held to. Two prominent accreditation boards for coaching are the NBHWC (The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches) and the ICF (The International Coaching Federation). Standards will guarantee the quality of education that you can count on. The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching has a list of approved courses. They hold the health and wellness coach courses to the highest standards.

Instructors who have experience as coaches

When looking for a course in any subject you want to find instructors who have real life experience in the field. Our instructors do not teach because they can’t coach, they teach because they love coaching and want to multiply the impact of coaching by teaching new coaches! Our instructors are boots on the ground coaches and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of practical coaching skills Having instructors that practice what they are teaching creates a course where students and instructors can learn together and use real life experience to teach.

Low student to instructor ratio

We take pride in working one on one with students who need more time with a difficult topic. We take the time to help you learn each concept so you can be comfortable applying it in your coaching practice.  Our past students have loved our one-on-one approach because our instructors have the time to prioritize practical skills and real-life coaching scenarios. According to Method Schools, “small class size does in fact impact student achievement. It also impacts the overall culture and success of an organization and through creative assessment and teacher scheduling.”  With more time for each student teachers can also ensure everyone’s learning style into account.

Classes to help you keep your certification

Another thing that you should look at when trying to decide what course you want to go to is will they be able to help you with your continuing education after you graduate from their program.  What kinds of classes do they offer for people who want to sharpen their skills or gain the CEUs necessary to maintain their certification? How does the program support their students after they graduate? The TCCU offers several CEU’s that will help you polish your skill and maintain your certification. We offer a Motivational Interviewing course, Advanced Pain Coach Training, and a book club. 

Mentorship and feedback

What mentorship and feedback are weaved through the program? When we learn with consistent feedback it is so much easier to become our best in the area, and become our best selfs. This is another part where class size really does matter, teachers only have so much time and if their classes are kept reasonable, and they also should take the time to attend to each student. The TCCU course includes three mentoring sessions with an expert coach who will guide you towards confidence in your skillset and will help you navigate the challenging aspects of learning something new.

What are other things that you look for in a course? What CEU topics are you interested in exploring? Let us know in the comments so we can come up with more material to help you find the right course!




About the Author: Hannah Curtis

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