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Bobbie joins TCC® from the family farm in Montana, where she mixes work in a mental health clinic, with parenting, being a Grandmom, church activities and other volunteer work. Her experience with chronic pain spans what she terms roaming and constant pain that has sent her in search of reasons and cures. Like most everyone with chronic pain, she’s experienced fatigue, insomnia, and pain, doctors who believe her and doctors who don’t, trying medications to relieve the symptoms and help her sleep, magic pills and snake oils. What she now utilizes to minimize the pain and help her cope are a number of strategies she learned through Take Courage Coaching®—gratitude, meditation, time-based pacing, stretching, acceptance, essential oils, hot baths (especially hot springs), and massage. She describes herself as “not fixed or cured, but living a productive life.” She and her husband still have one daughter at home, several dogs, cats, and a gecko. She continues to beg for horses and goats.