Book review: Finding Your Way to Change

Kendy Anderson offers her review of “Finding Your Way to Change” authored by Allan Zuckoff with Bonnie Gorscak

Read this book to find out how the power of motivational interviewing can reveal what you want and help you get there.

Book with coffee mug and note padMotivational interviewing (MI) has been called deceptively simple yet profoundly impactful. The author is a director on the MINT board and therefore highly qualified to write a book on how to change from a motivational interviewing standpoint. Most often MI is a tandem process with someone in a coach or therapist role, yet this book walks you through the change process for yourself.

Five people are followed throughout the book as they make changes. Alec is working through family issues around alcohol and work hours, Barbara is contemplating ending her marriage and getting a job, Collin is struggling in his personal relationship because of issues with anger, Dana is thinking about making a career change with complicated extended family dynamics and Ellie is struggling with weight issues and self-image.

Starting at the beginning with ambivalence, the author walks the reader through each person’s change process with a measured pace that shows how change takes considerable time and effort. Included are questions for the reader to ask themselves along with web links to forms to use as you work through your own change process.

Personal values, importance and having confidence to change and making the beginning steps of “taking change for a spin” are highly detailed. What I found to be very helpful were times when the author dug into each step. For instance, “What makes this important to me?”, “What do I mean by this?”, “How can I describe it more fully?”.

All are reminiscent of the iceberg analogy in MI of going deeper. If you are looking to explore the MI process for yourself, this is a book that will clearly walk you through each step in the process. I think you will find it helpful in your journey.