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If you are struggling with chronic pain, consider working with a specialized chronic pain management coach. Take Courage Coaching is the industry leader in chronic pain coaching and has effectively taken thousands of patients over the past 13 years through an evidence-based protocol to getting back to enjoying life and better functioning.

Via individual and group sessions, certified chronic pain management coaches incorporate a curriculum of pain neuroscience education to help you develop meaningful tools and strategies to minimize the impact of chronic pain on your life.

Our outcomes:

  • 70% report improved sleep, functions of daily living, and improved social interactions
  • 56% wean off all pain meds
  • 46% return to work


The program changed my whole life and I’m so grateful!
Pain ruled my life . . . I was in pain and depressed. I was afraid to leave the house in case of injury. But after the program I got better . . . I lived without pain and left that recliner. I play volleyball with friends every week. I’m healthier and happier than I have ever been!

-Take Courage Coaching client