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Coach & TCC®U Faculty— CPMC

Delica understands chronic pain. And surgeries, pain clinics, opioids, and medications to counteract side effects of the opioids (muscle relaxants, antidepressants, sleep aids, and more). She learned a lot in the clinics but didn’t know how to make it all work in real life, so successes were hit and miss. When she came to Take Courage Coaching®, being part of a group of ladies who were all learning how to manage pain was the beginning of a new life for her. She recovered from the hyperalgesia (over-sensitivity to pain) caused by the opioids. Today, Delica’s pain levels are still high, but she manages them and has gained emotional wellbeing, with all the strategies she now coaches.  Delica is a mom and grandmom, loves to decorate cakes, and lives in California with her husband.