Happiness from the inside out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment by Robert Mack

I first heard this guy on a podcast and was more than a little intrigued to get his book, which is packed with practical tips and advice to increase happiness. It may be the self-help book that I have made the most bookmarks ever! That doesn’t mean I wholeheartedly, unreservedly agreed with everything, ‘cause I don’t. I believe that you can have a different top priority and still work on your happiness. 

Here are two quotes to set the tone of where this book goes. “Your life will always be filled with challenges. it’s best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.” “Happiness can be learned.” 

Kendy Anderson provides a review of Happiness from the Inside Out by Robert MackBook review

With his upbeat, um, happy, attitude the author is absolutely convinced that anyone can increase their happiness. He asserts that people who make happiness their top priority cannot help but succeed, in increasing their happiness and in life. 

“Over a decade of research shows that successful people, by and large, are happy first. Happiness comes before, and lead to, success.”

Some of the tools explored are, practicing non-attachment, focusing on the positive, appreciating yourself, telling a happier story and embracing adversity. Some, not all. You’ll have to read it yourself to uncover the other tools he provides. 

Putting the reader in charge he says, “You always have the freedom to choose what you focus on and what you think and because your thoughts, and your focus color your feelings, you are always free to choose freedom or bondage, happiness or unhappiness, euphoria or dysphoria.” 

The author includes at the end of chapters 1-10, Inside-out happiness habits. Here are a few of them: 

  • Learn to change the topic, station, or scenery when things aren’t going well.
  • Try a media fast
  • Reach for a positive feeling before you speak
  • Stop at good enough
  • Mind your own business; stay on your side of the road

This was a jam packed, feel good, you can do it, book on rewiring your brain for more happiness. In conclusion the author says, “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of the thoughts in your head, not the quantity of dollars in your pocket, the number of children you have at home, or the diplomas you have in your office. If you are not happy, you have to change your attitude.” Bam! Get it, read it, try it!