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Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a provider refer a patient to TCC when there are medical resources to help the patient?2022-05-23T08:57:51-07:00

TCC’s program does not replace medical care or the caregiver. The program does, however, help patients become partners in their recovery, instead of just relying on a medical professional to cure them. This means that a patient who gets pain-management coaching will likely be one of your most successful cases—a person who progresses to healthy living. Patients who have gained pain-management skills will always remember who gave them the referral and might become your best word-of-mouth marketing agent.

Is it unrealistic to claim you can remove a patient’s pain?2020-07-29T21:01:55-07:00

Yes, it is unrealistic for anyone to claim to be able to alleviate a patient’s pain. TCC partners with clients to help them discover new ways to manage their pain and improve their quality of life.

What is the difference between CBT and TCC’s biopsychosocial model?2020-07-29T21:02:18-07:00

CBT is geared toward emotional regulation. TCC takes that a step further with tools that not only help clients recognize their triggers, but also teaches them how to talk to themselves—a concept of self-coaching which will keep them moving forward for a lifetime.

What is TCC’s success with getting people better?2020-07-29T21:14:12-07:00

True success depends on the client’s desire to get better. What we do know is that clients who go through TCC’s program have knowledge and skills to deal effectively with their pain for a lifetime, rather than taking a medication that wears off in a few hours. The latest data will be published in August 2020.

Does health insurance pay for pain coaching?2022-05-23T12:45:50-07:00

We continue looking to the future as the NBHWC works toward CBT codes for Health and Wellness Coaching. TCC results speak to the need for this service.

Who does pay for this service?2022-05-23T09:00:37-07:00

Workers’ Compensation payers, Medicaid Waiver in Montana and self-pay.

How does a provider refer a patient?2022-05-23T08:59:13-07:00
How does a provider keep track of a patient’s progress?2022-05-23T08:59:48-07:00

TCC sends out monthly case notes and lets the healthcare professional know about how their patient is progressing within the framework of this program. Our Coaches are also willing to collaborate with practitioners in the interest of helping each patient succeed.

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