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Kebrina Vinglas

Coach – DPT, CLT, WHC

Kebrina is a Physical Therapist (DPT), Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT), and health coach (WHC). She has watched Take Courage Coaching® grow and is inspired by the pain management benefits gained through coaching. In her role as a coaching instructor, she brings her experience working with patients in outpatient physical therapy, orthopedics, and women’s health—a large variety of who live with pain from work injuries, auto/other accidents, and chronic pelvic pain—to TCC®U students. She contributes to the instruction of our NBHWC-approved health and wellness coach training programs.  She makes it her goal to help patients self-manage their symptoms, resume independence, and living at their maximum potential. Her advice for living with chronic pain is to find balance through healthy living—physical, spiritual, and mental health—nutrition, and a positive mindset. She is paying attention to the mounting evidence that good gut health is just as important for our emotional health as for physical health and takes a mostly plant-based and whole foods approach to nutrition. Kebrina lives in Montana with her husband, two teenagers, and a menagerie of pets. Her favorite things include mountain biking, skiing, trail running, and dirt-biking with her family. She winds down by creating healthy meals, reading, singing, and playing the piano.