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It was like a sign from the heavens when Lexy received an email from Becky Curtis two years ago with the clarion call, “did you know you can be a coach supporting people who suffer from chronic pain?” A survivor of more than 16 surgeries, two rounds of cancer and a severely compromised spine, Lexy is experienced with pain. During a 25-year career in marketing communications she was impressed by the power of vision and willpower to transform Fortune 500 companies, their employees and their customers. We all want to live rich and rewarding lives; this is no less so for people who live with chronic pain. With a rich imagination and a belief in human potential, Lexy has always been drawn to the pain methodologies that focus on knowledge, courage, spiritual peace, relaxation and hope. When we see what we are capable of and find a way to live a more joyful and pain-free life, every day is a good day. When she is not working with clients, she enjoys the beaches and golf courses of New England and time spent with her man, her son and his wife.