TCC’s Member Services

What is Member Services?

Member Services is a subscription-based HIPAA compliant online coaching platform and Method of coaching that provides all the tools necessary for you to coach your chronic pain clients.

How will Member Services support me?

Member Services will support you as a coach by giving you access to over a decade of experience in chronic pain coaching methods and resources. We provide mentoring on the process of onboarding clients and case management. We will continue to be by your side with monthly group support calls, and continuing education.

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How will Member Services benefit my business?

We will provide your business a website with your contact and bio information along with TCC content and branding. This will allow you to direct potential providers and clients to your website and place you on a provider resource page on TCC’s website.

TCC will also refer clients to our members as they are available and at the discretion of TCC.

Is there required training?

Yes, prior to coaching on our online platform, you will be required to complete our Advanced Pain Coach Training course. This course is a 12-week program that meets on online twice weekly.

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