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Member Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is Member Services?2020-07-30T14:48:14-07:00

It is a subscription-based HIPAA compliant coaching platform that provides the coach with all the tools necessary to coach chronic pain clients.

What are the requirements to join?2020-09-01T00:23:12-07:00
  • Successfully complete TCCU’s Advanced Pain Coach Training course.
  • Pay the on-boarding fee, complete an interview and sign the TCC Member Services contract.
  • Become an NBC-HWC within two years of joining.
What does Member Services cost?2021-03-31T18:50:21-07:00
  • A one time on-boarding process fee of $149.00
  • The coach pays a monthly subscription fee – See pricing
  • $99/coach/month (1st month free; 2nd, 3rd and 4th month $49 each)
  • $749 Micro-site (optional)
What do I get for paying the monthly subscription fee?2021-03-31T18:46:46-07:00
  • 52 Client Lessons
  • Online coaching platform
  • Marketing
  • Mentoring on how to onboard clients and to maintain top-level coaching skills
  • NBHWC approved continuing education
  • Career Coaching
  • HIPAA Compliance
Can I coach my own clients using Member Services?2020-07-30T15:10:43-07:00

Yes, for a monthly fee per client – See pricing

Do I need to follow TCC’s coaching method with my own clients?2020-07-30T14:56:11-07:00

Yes. TCC has developed a proven method of coaching chronic pain clients that has produced significant results over the last ten years, and it is our belief that coaching outside of this method will not produce similar results and misrepresent TCC, its vision and mission.  Any exceptions must be approved by TCC.

Is there a maximum number of clients I can coach within Member Services?2020-07-30T14:56:44-07:00

Yes, the maximum is 25 clients per coach.

What length of commitment is the Member Service subscription?2020-07-30T14:58:54-07:00

Your commitment to TCC is month to month.

How long is the coaching program for a client?2020-07-30T14:59:27-07:00

It is a year-long commitment for the client with 52 weekly lessons.

Will I need to bill the payer for my clients that I bring to Member Services?2020-07-30T15:00:54-07:00

Yes, you will bill them yourself.

Do I need to have my own business?2020-07-30T15:02:33-07:00

If you accept clients referred from TCC you will need an active LLC or equivalent business license from the state in which you live.

Will TCC refer clients to me?2020-07-30T15:04:00-07:00

Yes, as clients are available and at the discretion of TCC.

Will I be able to set my own schedule?2020-07-30T15:04:32-07:00


When can I start coaching?2020-08-24T23:49:37-07:00

After you successfully complete our on-boarding process. This can take up to two weeks.

Is there an expiration date on the CPMC certificate?2020-08-25T17:55:24-07:00

Yes, it will need to be renewed every three years concurrent with the date of your NBHWC certification renewal.

What kind of support will I receive as a subscriber to TCC Member Services?2020-08-24T23:59:38-07:00
  • On-boarding support
  • Coach mentoring
  • Career coaching
  • Technical support related to the platform.
  • Monthly peer group facilitated by a TCC coach.
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