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Take Courage Coaching has been a leader in chronic pain coaching for the past ten years. Over that time, we have developed a method of reaching people who thought they had no hope of regaining the life they once had. Every day our coaches are helping others learn the science of pain, providing tools on how to manage it, and get their life back.

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Coaches now have access to support and tools through the new subscription based TCC® Member Services.

TCC is excited to announce a new program called, TCC Member Services. This is a subscription based online coaching service that uses a propriety Method of coaching, providing you with all the tools necessary for you to coach your chronic pain clients.

Have you always wanted to start your own coaching business, but did not know how to begin? Do you have a passion for chronic pain coaching but lack the tools?

TCC Member Services offers a complete solution!

TCC Member Services is a subscription based online coaching service that uses a propriety method of coaching, providing you with all the tools necessary for you to coach your chronic pain clients. When you join TCC as a member, you will gain access to our coaching platform system that provides you with all the tools you need to coach your clients, including your own micro-website to market your business, all within our support system.

Your Subscription will include:

  • Access to TCC’s HIPAA compliant online coaching platform
  • 52 weekly client lessons
  • TCC’s coaching processes, forms, and reports
  • Attention to upgrade requests and ongoing improvements
  • Access to CE training materials and videos
  • Ongoing coach support
  • Marketing
  • An optional micro-website for an additional fee (a coach-specific website with both unique contact info and generic TCC content provided by TCC)
  • Mentoring to maintain top-level coaching skills
  • Career Coaching

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To Join TCC Member Services

  1. Successfully complete TCCU’s Advanced Pain Coach Training Course
  2. Apply and complete an interview
  3. Sign our TCC Member Services contract
  4. Pay an on-boarding fee of $149.00


When you become an NBC-HWC, you will receive a Certified Pain Management Coach certification (CPMC) from TCCU. This must be completed within two years of joining TCC Member Services and maintained.

  • To renew your CPMC certification every three years, you must provide the following:
    • Attestation of a minimum of 50 coaching sessions completed per year
    • A copy of your renewed NBHWC certification
    • Complete 15 hours of TCCU-provided/approved pain-related CEU’s every three years (these can be part of your 36 CEU’s that NBHWC requires).
    • If your CPMC renewal date is initially sooner than three years, a minimum of 5 CEU’s will be required for each year.
    • Pay a $49 renewal fee (Free for TCC Member Service subscribers)

TCC Member Service Monthly Subscription Fees

Bring your clients to TCC’s coaching platform and bill the payer directly:

  • $99/coach/month (1st month free; 2nd, 3rd and 4th month $49 each)
  • $39/client/monthly fee (maximum 25 clients per Coach)
  • You recruit and onboard clients

If TCC refers a client to you:

  • TCC pays you $235 per month/client (prorated if partial month)
  • No monthly client fee ($99 coach fee)
  • An average of 5 hours per month per client required.
  • Example: 5 referred clients x 5hrs/month = 25hrs | $235 per client x 5 = $1,175 ÷ 25 = $47 per hour.
  • TCC on-boards clients, invoices payer and communicates with case managers

Member Service Requirements

  • Approximately 5 hours per client per month required (based on 4 clients per group).
  • Coaches that are referred clients from TCC are required to have an LLC or S-Corp business.
  • Coaches are required to follow the TCC Method for all clients coached within Member Services.
  • You can coach your own clients prior to being NBHWC certified. To coach TCC clients, you have to be NBHWC/CPMC certified.
  • To maintain your Member Service subscription, you need to obtain your NBHWC within two years of joining.
  • Pass two mentored calls the first year and one the second year. Ongoing mentored calls at our discretion.

Additional Information

  • Coaches will have access to a monthly peer group conference call facilitated by a TCC Coach.
  • TCC actively markets and recruits clients but cannot guarantee referrals to coaches.
  • A micro-site is a coach specific website with both unique contact info and generic TCC content provided by TCC for an additional fee of $749.00.
  • Upon request, TCC will provide an additional hour of coach mentoring per quarter.
  • TCC reserves the right to terminate services if the quality of care and adherence to TCC’s Method is not maintained.

Advanced Pain Coach Training

TCC Member Services subscription requires that you first complete our Advanced Pain Coach Training course. This is a 12-week course that is a mix of education and practical application of chronic pain coaching that meets twice a week. You will benefit by having instructors who are also coaches and work with pain clients every day.

Once you have successfully completed our Advanced Pain Coach Training course, you will be ready to subscribe to Member Services and start coaching your own clients using our platform and all the benefits that come with your TCC Member Services subscription.  Your monthly subscription fee* will begin when you start coaching clients or one month after completing your on-boarding process. Your commitment to TCC Member Services is month to month however, the coaching program commitment for each client is one year long.


In the Advanced Pain Coach Training course, you will dive deep into what it means to be a pain coach. The first class each week (2 hours long) will be a structured class that covers coaching and pain topics. The second class of each week (1 hour long) will be group coach training and will be student led.

The goal of this program is to provide the student with training in chronic pain coaching through education, practice, and mentoring—a process that is challenging and fun. Coursework, reading, homework, mentoring, and practice coaching people in chronic pain prepare the student to be a competent, confident pain management coach who understands chronic pain and the tools necessary to help clients get back to living life.

Development of skills will include how to effectively coach one on one with a pain client and how to lead groups of pain clients with role play and mentored feedback. Class topics include Next Level MI, Anger and Acceptance, Reducing Stress and Fear, Movement Therapy, Neuroplasticity, and more.

Advanced Pain Coach Training Course Requirements

  • The course is entirely online and requires a phone and a reliable internet connection for all classes.
  • Passing score of at least 80% on the final comprehensive exam.
  • Completion of required reading, reading exams, and homework.
  • Attending and logging all classes.
  • Submitting three and passing one recorded coaching session, followed by mentored feedback.
  • Completing a class evaluation at the end of each class. (Required to receive 36 NBHWC approved CE credits)