Get back to a life you love

You are not alone

It takes courage to defeat chronic pain. You are not in the battle alone, and courage is the first thing we have to offer. The staff and coaches at Take Courage Coaching® come from the trenches of chronic pain. We understand it, and we have made it our mission to help you thrive in spite of pain. We will walk beside you as you discover your own courage.

Our program is strong, just like you

When courage has dwindled and making decisions is totally overwhelming, coaching provides support and motivation. Pain-management coaching is an evidence-based approach to pain recovery that gives the participant real tools and strategies for minimizing the life-crushing impact of chronic pain. Pain-management coaching offers the first ray of hope for many people who have suffered for years, and enables those with surgical or acute pain to avoid the pitfalls of chronic pain.

Your next step is a phone call or email.

Pain-management coaching is done by telephone. A weekly half-hour individual session allows the coach and client to discuss challenges and goals in a confidential setting. A weekly group session is an informal educational forum based on a topic relevant to pain management. Prior to each session, materials are emailed so clients have time to read the topic. During the session, the coach facilitates solution-focused discussion by encouraging input and questions from participants. The group format allows members to hear how others are coping with their pain and provides a community that applauds goals and celebrates successes.

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Why coaching for chronic pain?

Before Take Courage Coaching I thought I had ways to manage my pain, but I had no idea about the science-based tools that were going to blend together over the next year and open up my severely painful, withdrawn, pain-centered life.

I learned that we really do have the power to change both our life experience of pain, as well as our physical pain. I know all too well the pain in my body, but now I have a great understanding of the pain-brain and how the mind and body live in tandem. With knowledge and intentionality I now have countless ways to influence them and control my pain.

It can be hard to hold on when all you have in your life is constant pain. An amazingly dedicated Coach—whose coaching style is based on self-reliance (so I can coach myself too)—and a sense of community from my caring groupmates provided much-needed momentum and ongoing support.

I can see all around me people who need this brilliantly-constructed program. As much as we pain patients search for help, this really is like stepping out of the dark. My wish is for everyone to be as fortunate as I have become.

– Lyn, Take Courage Coaching® program graduate

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